mental health

It Would Be Easy

It’s so easy to scroll through social media and wish you were thinner or prettier or “better” in some way.

It would be easy to add in a ton of cardio, or to do a little bit of cardio after your workout and then go for a bike ride or run to compensate.

It would be easy to stop eating; to stop fueling your body and start laying around all day waiting to like yourself.

But that’s not what recovery is about.

Recovery is about learning to love and be okay with your body at every stage. You have to put in the time and effort to be okay with the lumps that form when you button your jeans, and to appreciate all your body does for you without googling “how to get rid of armpit fat” as if that’s something worth your concern.

It would be easy to give up and retreat back to your illness; into your eating disorder or anxiety or addiction where everything is comfortable and familiar. That part is easy.

What’s difficult is making the decision every day to workout in a healthy way, and to eat even when you don’t feel like you deserve to. I think about being sick again, and realize all of the muscle mass I would lose that I had eaten so much to gain.

You would be giving up your strength.

You would be giving up the ability to have ice cream because Mother Nature decided to remind you that you are, in fact, a woman. You would be giving up hiking and going out with friends and jumping on the trampoline with a 4-year old that insists she can jump higher.

You would be giving up the opportunity to let her know that she is beautiful and strong and, if she eats and loves her body, one day she will jump higher.

You would be giving up freedom.

All to look like someone on social media that doesn’t even look like they do on social media.

Everyone takes a different path, and you can’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 6, that’s not fair. You can’t compare your 200 followers to someone else’s 20,000. Every story is important and every story is different; that’s why it’s so important to share.

So stop comparing yourself to someone else’s highlight reel, and utilize those on social media to lean on and connect with for body positivity and encouragement, to share our journeys and to remind each other that recovery is a daily battle.

But you’re worth it, I promise.

If you have the strength and ability to sustain an eating disorder, then you have the strength and ability to move beyond it

– Joanna Poppink


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