mental health

Imagine That You’re Wrong

Imagine for a moment, that you’re wrong.

That you’re not ugly or fat or stupid or incompetent or un-funny (????) or any other inconsiderate feature you use to characterize yourself.

Image that you’re wrong, and you are actually as beautiful as everyone says.

You are funny and self-sufficient and intelligent and amazing.

Imagine that you love and appreciate the body and mind you’ve been given; that you feel the same way about yourself that your significant other or best friend does.

Would you treat yourself different?

Would you allow yourself to shamelessly indulge in ice cream if you cared for your body the way it begs to be cared for?

Would you stop ferociously adding numbers together in your head to try and track the calories in the finger of frosting you just swiped?

Would you treat yourself with the same respect that you treat everyone around you?

Would you stop saying “oh whatever” every time someone complimented you?

Imagine that all the good things people say about you are true.

You’re a force to be reckoned with

How would you go about life with a newfound sense of self-care and ambition? Social media and diet culture make it so easy to hate and shame our bodies with the click of a button or a scroll or swipe. We’re surrounded with reasons to diet and workout beyond our body’s health and ability. And is it really wrong of us if we never learned any different?


It’s wrong and unfair of you to treat yourself so poorly when you’ve done so much and come so far. And maybe that coworker that told you you looked nice today wasn’t just saying it to make conversation.

Maybe they said it because you look nice today.

And that doesn’t mean you look like s*** every other day of the week.

Well maybe, I guess I don’t know you.

Juuuuuust kidding.

NO!!!! They say it because they actually believe it and want you to believe it to. My husband tells me I look great all the time and it’s just become second nature for me to say “thank you” that he doesn’t even believe it anymore; he knows I don’t believe that I’m beautiful and it upsets him.

Imagine that people are complimenting you because they actually think you’re amazing.

Would you treat yourself differently? Better?

I hope so.



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