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Loosey Goosey

My husband and I have eaten out quite a few times over the past week, much more often than I am used to.

And I always hated when people would say “oh I just don’t have time to eat at home, I’m always on the go. It’s just easier to eat fast food”. To me, that was crap. I have never had any problem prepping my meals and making sure I bring food with me wherever I go so I always know what is going into my body at any moment of the day.

But that’s because I am a crazy psychotic previous eating disorder/anxiety addictive personality-type human.

Gregg doesn’t care; he believes in eating when you’re hungry and whatever you are hungry for. Usually, it’s Chipotle.

So have I put on some weight over the past week from eating out?

Perhaps, but that’s probably because I’m not eating the same damn thing every day and my muscles are ECSTATIC and loving every minute of it.

When you eat the same thing every day, your body is always getting certain nutrients.

However, that means your body is also consistently lacking in specific nutrients.

When you start adding in foods you spent so much time depriving yourself of, your body enters a very specific mind-fuck.

So yes, my body was confused when I allowed myself to eat out for so many meals. However, my body was also in ABSOLUTE HEAVEN at the sight of waffle fries and Dairy Queen and bread (SO MUCH BREAD) that I could literally FEEL THE FEELS as my muscles came back to life.

Our bodies weren’t built to sustain themselves on chicken, rice and asaragross every single day.

Our bodies were built to absorb nutrients and utilize the food we supply it to create energy and allow us to lift heavy weights and laugh and sleep well (yes, you still need food at rest).

Your body knows what to do with the food you provide it.

So if it just so happens that you don’t get to eat every two hours or you forget to bring your perfectly-proportioned breakfast to work with you, a donut will suffice.

Your body would be just as malnourished living off of kale as it would living off of donuts.

So start conditioning your mind to focus on spending time with your friends and family, even if meal time is the only event everyone is available for. Memories will always be more important than macros, and recovery will always be more important than addiction.

And puppies will always be more important than no puppies.

These are just the facts of life.

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