mental health


“Timing is a bitch”

We’ve all heard it, thought it, blamed it for everything that didn’t go the way we wanted it to.

But what if timing isn’t a bitch?

What if timing knows exactly what it’s doing, and only grants you what it knows you’re prepared for?

The other day, Gregg said he was glad that we didn’t begin dating before we did (his actual words: “until you got your shit together”). And looking back, even though all my 12-18 year old self wanted was to be with him, I had a shit ton of shit (#sailormouth) to conquer, other relationships to test and self abuse to cease and, had we started dating as two preteen hearts, who’s to say we would be together and married today?

I didn’t officially enter treatment (like, the heavy duty part) until I graduated high school. And sure, maybe if I had gone sooner I wouldn’t have zero memory of my high school experience or I would have been able to enjoy the hot lunch everyone always raves about (ahahahaha). Had I entered treatment before the timing was right, would it have stuck? Would I have been in the right mindset to make the decision to stay in treatment and not go to college? Would I have gone to Arizona State and lost out on the opportunity to make things work with Gregg when I got out?

And finally, had I never got laid off from Target, I never would have gotten the chance to work where I currently do, with the coworkers and friends I adore and the opportunities I have been able to experience.

Your recovery will happen when you are fully prepared to take it on.

You will start and finish college when you are supposed to.

Your life with take the exact path it is meant to take.

Timing’s not a bitch; timing is annoying but knows EXACTLY what the eff it’s doing.

And it doesn’t have time for your doubts.

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