mental health

it’s okay to take, though

“Be encouraging”

“Show them it’s possible”

“You’re too strong to fall off the wagon”

“Give them something to believe in”

It’s important (and at times therapeutic) to use your story to inspire others; I thrive on sharing the high points with those still suffering so they understand that their life won’t always be comprised of lows.

But you can’t pour positivity with an empty cup; and even the givers of inspiration need to refill.

It’s OKAY to be the person in need of inspiration.

It’s OKAY to be the one pulling positivity and courage out of a friend to borrow for awhile.

And it’s OKAY to take strength from someone after giving it away for so long.

The first time I spoke in front of the public at a Recovery Night in St. Paul, someone told me that I inspired them; from that point on, I never wanted to lose that feeling.

And the first day I woke up to a rough day, I tried to ignore it.

I didn’t want to preach that recovery was possible when I didn’t feel 100% satisfied with my own.

But lying about progress to inspire people isn’t beneficial, and it’s okay to be genuine with those around you and open about the ugly parts.

Relapsing doesn’t make you any less inspirational, and having a rough day doesn’t immediately revoke your recovery card.

Being authentic and real and raw with people doesn’t hinder your ability to inspire any more than hiding your struggles and pretending recovery is one giant honeymoon.

And it’s okay to be a giver that takes every once in awhile.

It’s not like a giver can be a giver without a taker anyway, right?



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