mental health


No one tells you what it means to adopt a sick puppy.

No one tells you what it means to adopt a sick puppy that you didn’t know was sick.

No one tells you how it feels to get 24 hours with the puppy, and have him begin to show symptoms of illness.

They don’t tell you that the “free” vet visit just gets you through the door.

They don’t tell you that your new dog will need chest x-rays, a respiratory panel and, four days later, hospitalization.

There’s no way to prepare you for the isolation, constant monitoring, and emotional exhaustion that will follow that first vet visit.

There’s no way to prepare for a new puppy that refuses to eat his food, drink his water or, at really rough times, even lift his head.

You can install a nanny cam, take days off work, syringe liquid into his system, take him outside and cry in front of him, begging him to get better – it’s not always going to work.

Everyone talks about adopting a puppy.

They are fluffy and cute and hyper, and you better have enough treats in your pocket to teach them the bell door trick for when they need to go outside.

My puppy didn’t get to learn the bell door trick.

My puppy didn’t even get to learn how to go up the stairs (back legs are confusing to furry friends I guess; I don’t know, I don’t have any)

My puppy didn’t get to chase the squirrels or wrestle with his big brother.

He didn’t get to take my food from my plate when I wasn’t paying attention.

He didn’t get to go see the drainage pond that I always incorrectly refer to as a lake.

He didn’t get to beg to go outside just so he could beg to come back in.

He didn’t get to steal my shoes or try to jump onto our bed but miss & land on his back like a turtle.

But my puppy did get to experience the love of a family.

My puppy got endless hours of snuggles.

My puppy got to have a sleepover with me, and go outside in the middle of the night just for fun.

My puppy got to bark at the neighbor and eat fancy hamburger.

My puppy got to lay on the couch and watch me do laundry.

My puppy got to spend the day with his new dad, and snuggle with his stuffed sloth.

He got to live a full life in 5 short days.

He was everything we wanted in a puppy up until the very last moment.

And to wherever he is headed next, I’m sure it’s full of health and treats and water that doesn’t remind him of Pedialyte.



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