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Intuitive Eating Scam

I posted on Instagram yesterday about not paying people to teach you how to eat intuitively and I gotta say, I woke up today with a lot more feelings about that. that I would like to share so get excited.

To provide you a back story, I intuitively ate before it was cool.


Intuitive eating is just REGULAR EATING.

And when I was 6 and first started to have an awkward relationship with food until I entered treatment for the final time at age 17, I forgot how to eat intuitively.

You know where IIII went to learn how to eat intuitively?

Friggen rehab, bro.

That’s where you go to learn to eat intuitively.

You don’t pay an Influencer (I thank the Lord every day that that is not yet a recognized dictionary word) on Instagram or take a 6-week “restart your metabolism” course.

Your metabolism is fine – it’s not in starvation mode.

In fact, it’s just incredibly efficient (when you eat less, you metabolism down regulates to more efficiently metabolize your food & store energy for later – it’s not STARVATION MODE so just stop it stop it right now).

Anyway, intuitive eating.

When I got out of treatment, I intuitively ate the s*** out of my food.

I listed to my body, I ate smoothies when I wanted and salads when I wanted (much more rare….) it was great.

THEN I started counting macros.

THEN I paid a coach to tell me what to eat every day

THEN I forgot how to eat intuitively again.

THEN I paid an Influencer to teach me.


Think about this – diet culture has literally run out of ways to take money from people that they are now offering classes on how to UNdiet (i.e. “intuitive eating”).

It’s just like how Disney ran out of movie ideas so they’re just remaking everything they’ve already done but selling it differently.

Unless you are in contact with a Registered Dietitian or otherwise licensed professional specializing in disordered eating, do NOT give up your precious dollar bills (or hundreds, from the looks of it).

When we are young, we eat when we’re hungry, stop when we’re full.

It’s just called eating.

And no, calling it “Intuitive Eating” is not going to suddenly make it more powerful.

Get off your diet horse, stop charging people money to get them off the diet YOU put them on, and go intuitively eat a donut.

A super large one.

With sprinkles.

And maple glaze.

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