mental health

Avoiding Temptation

It’s everywhere you look.

Magazine articles, billboards, social media.

Everyone wants to give you tips for “avoiding temptation” and not feeling like a “terrible human”, which is obviously caused by eating food with calories.

Here’s what happens when you take the advice from the aforementioned about resisting temptation:

  1. You walk by the ice cream at the grocery store, stare at it with puppy dog eyes, and leave; if you buy it & it’s in your house, you will eat it all and spontaneously explode in a fury of weakness.
  2. You crave ice cream at 7:01 pm, which is already setting yourself up for failure (remember, eating after 7 will cause immediate fat gain).
  3. You decide to “give in” and eat a rice cake because it’s the same consistency, flavor & deliciousness as ice cream.
  4. You eat another rice cake because that first one didn’t QUITE do it for you.
  5. You eat one more rice cake but this time, you add peanut butter because you didn’t really get the sweetness you were looking for from the first two.
  6. You’re still craving ice cream so you “treat yourself” to a slice of “birthday cake” gum because #goals.
  7. You are still tempted so you pace back and forth in the kitchen, opening and closing the fridge, chewing your gum faster & faster.
  8. You jump in your car, drive to Target, run inside, grab the ice cream you wanted to begin with, pay for it, hop in your car, and begin eating it on the ride home (no spoon? no problem!)
  9. You get home & finish eating the entire pint in your car because the magazines and celebrities LIED TO YOU AND RESISTING TEMPTATION WAS NOT THE ANSWER.
  10. You feel sick & ashamed for thinking you were being strong when in reality, if you would have just had the ice cream when you felt like it, you would have eaten what you wanted, felt satisfied, and gone about your day.
**This is not necessarily an exact scenario. Also eating after 7 does not make you automatically gain fat.

What is my one tip for avoiding temptation?

Giving in.

Do you want a cookie? Eat a cookie.

Do you want a slice of cheesecake? Eat a slice of cheesecake.

Do you want a drink with CALORIES in it?

You get yourself a drink with calories in it girl and you drink the s*** out of it!

No, not all food was made with the goal to be nutritious & no, our body does not NEED it to sustain itself.


Food is fuel, but it’s also just food.

Maybe a donut won’t sustain/nourish you the way a breakfast of eggs & toast will, but it will get the job done if you go that route for one day.

Have you ever considered the option that maybe you’re craving ice cream because you want ice cream & like the taste, not that you’re falling behind on nutrients that could instead be satisfied with broccoli?

You mean maybe all of the magazines & Kardashians of the world AREN’T correct about their skinny pops & detox teas??



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