Body Positivity

Imagine that you lived in a world without mirrors.

You have no way of knowing how you look on the outside, only how you feel on the inside.

Would you still be as cruel to your body as you are now?

How would you describe yourself to others?

We’re so used to describing others as we physically know them: pretty, short, tall, blonde, gorgeous, curvy, sun-kissed (….), but what if none of those things mattered?

What is all you had to go off of was someone’s sense of humor, or the way they treated you?

The way you treated yourself?

Why aren’t people teaching each other that it’s okay to love yourself?

Self-respect is so unfortunately rare that it has become taboo to even consider.

But you’re entitled to love your body, just as you’re entitled to work out if you want to, or spend the day on the couch recouping. There’s not right or wrong way to love your body, that’s part of what makes it so magical.

Take the time that you used to spend picking yourself apart and put it towards learning your body. Learn what clothes make you feel good, what environments you thrive in, and the best way to calm your mind after a long day.

Your body will never have another landlord, and there was no previous owner to teach you how to appreciate yourself.

It’s up to you, and you can’t love your body wrong.

That’s not a thing.