My Journey

When I was 8, a girl told me I was fat.

Like, what the actual fuck.

After one failed attempt when I was 12, I spent the summer before college in treatment, fighting an eating disorder and the accompanying addictions that developed along the way.

After medically discharging from college before I even started, I focused all my energy on my recovery, and was officially released from treatment on October 24th, 2011.

Since then, I have spoken at multiple treatment center locations (including the one I resided at), communicating with the girls (and boys) that live there about the challenges you face in treatment, the differences between wanting to get better and wanting to stay ill and, most importantly, the beauty that is recovery.

Now, I host an Instagram page @tacosat10am, write SUPER exciting posts on this here blog, and am in the middle of writing a book, appropriately titled “Why Eating Tacos at 10am Won’t Kill You”

I’m learning how to eat intuitively, and how to utilize food as fuel to meet my fitness goals in a healthy way.

I’m here for you to tell me your story, share your struggles, and to encourage you to never give up on your goals, especially the ones you put off when you were prioritizing your addictions.

Even if we have nothing else in common, we all know what it’s like to suffer with being positive about ourbodies and learning to live in freedom. So let’s connect and heal together; I promise it’s worth it.